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Road in a Autumn Forest
The Perfect Fall Story Angie Ellington has written another five star book that doesn t disappoint This is just the book to get you in the mood for Fall with the perfect setting of a mountain town in Virginia Paula W The characters are easy to love and you root for the broken fences to be mended Anyone who is a sucker for a happy ending should read this Crystal F

Angie Ellington's sweet romances are filled with summer breezes, lemonade, hot cocoa, & snowy settings. If you're looking for a book that gives you the feels of gently rocking in a hammock or snuggled under a blanket by a cozy fire, Angie's books can transport you there.

Her readers often say her books flow like a sweet romance movie and if you enjoy those type of stories, Angie's books may be the dose of sunshine you're searching for.

A grad of UNC-Wilmington, Angie resides in North Carolina with her husband & gaggle of pets; requiring coffee to start each day.

Little known facts:

  • Angie had a scholarship for theatre arts & one for education in college
  • She has appeared in many plays in her youth, a few TV series, PSAs, and film as background & stand-in work but she turned to writing and photography for creative outlets
  • She pretends to watch action flicks with her husband, and worries about animals in everything she watches more than people.
  • Grew up on a tobacco farm near the VA border of NC
  • Favorite place she's traveled: Hawaii
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The Carlisle Bay Series

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Sweethearts of Valentine Series

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